Financial Aid
Payment Plan


In order to make it easier for adults who have to fit their household budget with their education, they can pay their tuition fee in installments of weekly, quarterly or monthly basis rather than paying the entire amount lump sum.

  1. There is a one-time $75 payment plan participation fee per quarter.

  2. Azure College payment plans are interest-free.

  3. Monthly payments are automatically drafted from the bank account or credit/debit card that you provided

Returned or Declined Payments

If one or more of your automated drafts fail, you and the account holder are both responsible for the returned or declined payment.
You will be notified through your Azure email and by phone if you have a returned/declined payment. It is your responsibility to forward this message to any other financially responsible party, if applicable. You can make a payment to make up for the returned/declined payment(s).

Consequences of Returned/Declined Payments

  1. $35 failed payment processing fee per returned/declined payment (non-refundable)

  2. In the case of three or more returned/declined payment plan installments:

  3. You may no longer be eligible to enroll in payment plans.

  4. 100% of the balance will be required by the Financial deadline for all future quarters enrolled.

  5. You may not be able to make online payments via automated checking.

  6. Cash, money order, or credit card payments must be made with Cashiering & Treasury Services.

  7. If you do not respond to returned/declined payment notifications, you may be removed from the classrooms and/or courses.

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