New Student/Veterans Checklist

Applying/Transferring Veterans Benefits

Veterans/Reservists/National Guard (CH30,CH33,CH1606,or CH1607) students who have never used VA educational benefits should complete the VONAPP 22-1990 “Application for VA Education Benefits.” Print a copy of your VONAPP, sign it, and give it in your Azure College Admission Representative along with the following documents:

  •  CH30 or CH33 students will need to submit a copy of their DD214- Member 4 and any MGIBILL Kicker (bonus MGIBILL funds) documentation (if applicable).
  •  CH1606 & CH1607 students need to submit a copy of their Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE).

“Dependent Educational Assistance” (DEA)(CH35) : students should complete a VONAPP 22-5490 “Application for Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance.” Print a copy of your VONAPP, sign it and give it to your admission rep along with the following documents:

CH35 students who have never used VA benefits before need to submit “connection paperwork” that proves a legal relationship with the veteran. Spouses should submit a copy of a marriage certificate and/or death certificate; children should submit a copy of a birth certificate or adoption paperwork. Also, CH35 students should submit a copy of the veterans 100% Disability Letter, MIA, KIA or POW documentation.

“Transfer of Post-9/11GI-Bill Benefits to Dependents” (TEB)(CH33TEB) : students need to print a paper form 22-1990E available online at Complete your 22-1990E and be sure to declare Azure College and your program of study, sign and date it, and place it in your PCC folder along with the following document for submission to any campus Student Services Center:

A copy of the DOD TEB screen-print from your Active Duty spouse or parent, which clearly shows how many months of CH33 benefits are being transferred.

Vocational Rehabilitation (CH31) : students will need work with a VA Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, who will forward a 28-1905 payment voucher to Azure College for your tuition, fees and books. Please contact the Florida VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Office toll free number: 1-877-535-9178

Note: Students attending under CH31, who wish to take care of payment in person will need to bring a 28-1905 payment voucher to a Azure College campus Cashiers Office for processing. A separate 28-1905 payment voucher will be needed to purchase books and supplies.

Transferring Veterans Benefits: Veterans/Reservists/National Guard (CH30, CH33, CH1606 or CH1607) students who have used VA educational benefits previously at PCC or any other college or university should complete the VONAPP 22-1995 “Change of Place or Program.” Print a copy of your completed VONAPP 22-1995, sign it and give it to your admission rep along with the following documents for submission to any Azure College Campus Student Services Center:

CH30, CH33, CH1606, & CH1607 students will need to submit a copy of their VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or, if unavailable, submit a copy of your DD214 or NOBE.

Students transferring: Dependent Educational Assistance (DEA) (CH35) benefits should use the VONAPP 22-5495 “Change of Program or Place of Training Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance.” You will need to declare Azure College and your program of study at AC. Please print, sign, and place in your AC file.

CH35 transfer students also will need to submit a copy of their Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or the veteran’s 100% Disability Letter.

Prior Credit Earned: All VA benefit recipients are required to submit official military and college/university transcripts. ARTS, SMARTS or CCAF military transcripts can be ordered online.

Take the College Entrance Exam:Assessment tests determine if you qualify for your chosen program

Visit a PCC Student Services Center: Go to your nearest Campus Student Services Center and submit the documents in your PCC File:

VA: Application and supporting documents
FA: Application and supporting documents

Identification: Bring a photo ID or Driver’s License and, if applicable, proof of U.S. Citizenship or legal status and Arizona residency so you can (1) complete the PCC Tuition Assessment Form (TAF) and (2) qualify for Arizona in-state tuition and fees. More information about these forms is available online at

Review your “My Degree Plan” with your advisor. This gives you a list of all the classes that you need to finish your program of study. Please be aware that you can only be certified with the VA for courses in your declared program of study (or required remedial or prerequisite courses as needed).

Attend an Azure College New Student Orientation online or make a reservation to attend a group orientation session at a campus near you.

Register for Classes: Register for classes based on your assessment tests or sequential course ordering per any prior and relevant college course work that is required for your declared program of study. Developmental and prerequisite courses are eligible for VA benefits.

Submit an AC Veterans VA Certification Worksheet:

Students using VA benefits must complete and submit a Veterans Certification Worksheet every quarter. To avoid delays, register and submit your AC VA Certification Worksheet as early as possible. If you make changes to your registration after being certified, you must submit a revised an Azure College VA Certification
Worksheet reflecting the changes. Failure to submit changes in a timely manner may lead to overpayments that can negatively impact your benefits. An Azure College Veterans Certification Worksheet can be submitted online, after registering, through the Azure College “Veterans” Tab or in person at any Azure College Student Services Center.
Submit a Veterans Certification Worksheet during the term whenever you add, drop or withdraw from a course. This way we may quickly adjust your certification, and avoid overpayments and delays

Azure College Disabled Student Resources (DSR): DSR offices are available at all Azure College campuses. If you have questions, please stop by and see what resources are available.