Transfer Students

Students transfer colleges for a number of reasons. Some change majors and move to a school that better suits their new path. Others start at a two-year college before transferring to finish their degree at a four-year college or university. Even if a first-choice college simply wasn’t the right fit, students can take heart in knowing they’re not alone. Thousands of students transfer schools every year. At Azure College we would like to help you complete your education in the shortest time possible.

We accept the following group of transfer students:

Current Nursing Students

If you are not satisfied with your current nursing program, we will accept all your General Education credits and most of your Nursing courses and help you complete your Associate Science in Nursing (ASN) degree in record time. Please give us a call to let us know how we can help you.

Current students completing an Associate or a Baccalaureate Program (any field)

If you left school with a lot of college credits, we want to help you use these credits to complete an Associate Degree of Science in Nursing (ASN) degree in record time.

Second Degree Students

Whether you want to change fields, be a more well-rounded job candidate or just learn something new, deciding between a second degree is not always easy. While there doesn’t seem to be one overarching correct answer binding everyone who considers the question, that doesn’t mean an answer doesn’t exist at all. Azure College has a good one for you. If you are one of the following professionals, we can help you earn an Associate Degree of Science in Nursing (ASN) degree in record time:

  1. Licensed Practical Nurses seeking to advance their training and earn an ASN degree
  2. Licensed Paramedics
  3. Licensed Respiratory Therapists
  4. Professionals with BS and MS degrees seeking an ASN degree
  5. Transfer applicants – from another ADN or BSN nursing program
  6. Transfer applicants – with college credits who want a change in major
  7. International professionals who want to become a Nurse in the US

Please call us today to see how we can help you.