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Advanced Placement Associate Degree


Degree in as little as 54 Weeks On campus

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Why Azure College RN to BSN

  • Accredited by ABHES
  • Campus based program
  • Day and evening schedule available
  • Affordable
  • We accept your academic credits, no matter the age
  • We accept your academic credits, no matter the age
  • Latest Technology

Top 7 Advantages of a BSN Degree

  • 1. BSN Holders Make More Money
  • 2. Some Nursing Careers Open Only to BSN Holders
  • 3. BSN Curriculum Teaches Much More Than Clinical Skills
  • 4. Hospitals Seek ‘Magnet’ Designation, and Want Higher Educated Nurses
  • 5. Earning a BSN Is Easier Than Ever
  • 6. Earning a BSN May Be a Requirement in the Future
  • 7. BSN Connected to Higher Professional Advancement

More new nurses are getting higher degrees.

Education level of RNs
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Tuition & Fees

The cost of attending Azure College RN to BSN program is $200 per quarter.


Fees can vary, depending on a student's classification, residency status, personal needs and spending habits. Where the course is taught will also affect cost. Please email or call us we will provide you a reasonable idea of all the fees attached to the LPN program. The most current rates and information available at the time of publishing are used, and are subject to change.

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Azure College does not participate in the Federal Government Title IV program.